Saturday, March 20, 2010

Future of MBA

Friend the post which i am compiling today is from my personal experience which i have realized among todays students is that when they think of pursuing their post graduation studies,and things become more worse for them when they think of hot degree available and open to any category what ever the background and intellectual knowledge,determination and above the level of motivation involved,can you friends guess..yes you are right i am taking about MBA.
MBA has become quite a everyman;s word and thinking without thinking what it really means for them.
As MBA is promising a lot for determined students who have mentally make up their minds for getting this degree and proving in turn the worth of his character and degree,but what about those who only know the three words MBA and he is plunging himself into the Corporate well with out any mental preparation,motivation Other factors like Leadership, People Skills, Networking skills, Vision, big-picture thinking, I believe are essential for success in a Managerial career.
what is adding more worries to their carriers is availability of MBA colleges who are also run by the people with a perfect business mind of only to make money out of the students applying there,no curriculum followed by these street colleges which you will see in at least every street in a tier1 city,what they are promising,it is quite out of my mind and who allows to run with any promising effort for molding the careers of students who are the future of themselves and nation,in order to earn short time bucks,these street colleges create havoc in the lives of candidates who due to some circumstances enter into these low budget colleges.

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  1. Yes this is quite interesting,we are seeing a lot of business schools coming up,but the flaw is that they are not having any dedication and infrastructure to support the business education.there should be some parameters fixed in order to restrict these business schools from spoiling the carriers of students.

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