Thursday, April 8, 2010

We have to decide

I think business is better than job because if you have learned the skill to sell the product, it is sure that you will succeed in business. At that time, you need not to do job for earning money.
These days, everything is product; even you are providing education or other services. If you are expert in it, then business is better. In Business, you are the boss.
Now, Indian students should leave their mentality of earning Rs. 25000, Rs.50000, Rs. 100000 or more per month package just by doing only job. If you want to do job just for learning experience and skill, then it is good but never depend on jobs. Start to make customers because your income potential is unlimited in your own business.Once you are over with this activity you can not imagine your position in terms of positivity and new energy to innovate more and more,this is same case with our great business men who never thought of some limited dreams,they had a vision of achieving new things everyday,due to which they have reached new heights.It is not only them we can also achieve the unachievable by keeping our focus on target and by the most powerful tool or what ever you will call it,that is positive attitude.
Let us hope we all will rise again to conquer the new.

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