Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Learn from your failure.

The reason behind writing this post friends is that every one by now and then meets failure while doing their busy schedules.I myself met a failure recently,although i was shocked to listen it,but after sometime i thought why i was failure,i kept on asking so many questions to myself regarding the same..ultimately i woke up from this dilemma and i got a very smart and beautiful answer and it was
Failure Leads to success
From this statement i learned that it is not like that what you are thinking,it totally means you have met a hurdle early of which you were not aware,which probably according to your perception was not missing in you,but sometimes we are having weaknesses of which we are not aware of and when they struck to us we feel helpless.
I got a great lesson from my failure and in fact every one
should get at least one reason out of their failures,and they should try to convert this failure into a great strength that is what all gurus say about failures.Never feel helpless when you will meet any failure,that is just a warning to you that you are something,pack it up in you and march on.
You can also interpret it in this way like,One should always try to search the failure,because once you will meet all your failures step by step,believe me no one is going to stop in your whole life.And also tell me one thing why one should be afraid of failures,are they having any criminal intent or any hidden nature that is going to mar you,no no,not at all.So meet the failure with your heart open,follow it to have a battle with it,defeat it and turn out victorious.
Whether you are a student,businessman or entrepreneur be ready to tackle failures in your life in order to lay a strong foundation for your future.


  1. I totally agree with the writer regarding all the stuff regardin failure ..!!!!
    failure is a smart key of every lock ..!!!

  2. It is also quite relevant and these are some practical examples from which one should learn very quickly