Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Commonly Used Social Media Tools

Commonly Used Social Media Tools

As Social media Marketing is picking Up in the India,Most of the companies and small businesses who have learnt about the Power of social media for generating traffic and the leads are really goggling as which channel to use for social media marketing. As far as research over the channels is concerned twitter came at the front with 86% of the marketers using this channel to develop their online presence strongly. Here is a list of the social channels which have grabbed the attention of marketers in the present technological arena

What was more interesting fact that came out of the research is that the men were more likely to use you tube(Video sharing site) than women as is evident from this percentage of men against women(52:37).

If we will have a look at the Social Media Tools that people want to learn more as to how to leverage the concept more accurately and systematically in order to get more brand exposure,the facts of this study are as

Above graph clearly indicates that the marketers are more interested in learning and leveraging the concept of social Bookmarking and has bypasses the much talked business tool like twitter.


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