Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Social Media Trends

In 2009 we witnessed exponential growth of Social Media as per the study conducted by Nielsen Online,Twitter usage has shown an impressive growth rate of 1382% yo y in February,registered 7 million unique visitors in the US for the month.
if we have a look at Face Book,it continued to outperform MySpace so far the unique visitors are concerned.
In near future we can see the trend of social Media Being included in every aspect of business whether it is marketing,customer service,public relations etc. Looking at some social media channels like twitter through which you can through your information to thousands of your targeted people by just typing 140 characters or less,similarly social bookmarking,video sharing has revolution ed the reach of marketers or just a common man who is just sharing his views on the social forums and site.
As social networks like Face book and YouTube has become some of the biggest content repositories on the planet,it provides a strong edge to the marketers to make use of it in order to have a strong presence on the WWW.
What is more interesting to the marketers is that the people have really themselves adopted to these new systems and also looking themselves to find and share more among their friends. The concept of sharing on the social media sites in real time have created so many avenues to the marketers to engage the people with the targeted content and entice them in order to make your efforts count via social media.
Most of the companies are now cutting on the Traditional advertising systems and are getting more interested in social media advertising due to various reasons like reach and low investment. If you could recall the Coca Cola's Sprite Online Campaign,which was totally targeted for the emerging youth who are spending most of their time online.
marketers have strongly understood the most powerful online fact if they want to have a share of slice,that is reach of content. The more interesting and relevant you will make your content the more it has chances of getting re tweeted and re blogged,thus more chances of strong brand presence in Digital world.
By Rayees Qurayshi

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