Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Now a days every Entrepreneur wants to incorporate Social Media In their main stream business and marketing plans but the facts is that they do not really know how the social media works.To best of my knowledge what people know about Social Media Marketing is just creating Face Book Page,Twitter Account etc,but this is not the case.
in this post i would give you some idea of how exactly Social Media Marketing Works.
Here i will explain to you in steps what you exactly need to do and follow.
Step No:1
The first step is to listen to conversation that are going on like
* who is talking about you
* what they're saying
* is it positive or negative
* where are the conversations taking place
* what communities talk about you
* what are your competitors doing in social media
* what's the buzz about them
Once you are through this,then you definitely can go forward to put your presence.
Step No:2
Share your presence or voice.
Share of Voice is defined as the total percentage that you possess in the conversation about the particular niche or market you’re active in.
Step No:3
Set Goals
Once you are through this phase you will come to know what is all being said in that particular group which you are currently tracking and this is the group which you are targeting as this of your interest.
Step No:4
Find your Targeted Communities.
You can go through the forums or communities to just know what is going on so as put your resources accordingly,eg
A skin care company discovered that there is conversation about dry skin in gardening forums, moms talk about skin care and so do crafters and medical professionals. These folk all have their own niche social networks. There is also a lot of chatter about skin care on Twitter.
Step No:5
Identify Influence's.
Step No:6
Strategise Your Content and Strategy.
This is one of the most crucial step in Social Media Marketing because what you are giving and sharing with people will differentiate you from other people,As Content is the King.
Step No:7
Select Tools like twitter,face book etc to deliver your content to give out your content to your particular or target ted people.
Step No:8
Deliver the Content.
Step No:9
Engage the People in the conversations.
Step No:10
Measure Results
After going through the above steps,Measure the set goals what you want to achieve through this marketing strategy.