Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Now a days every Entrepreneur wants to incorporate Social Media In their main stream business and marketing plans but the facts is that they do not really know how the social media works.To best of my knowledge what people know about Social Media Marketing is just creating Face Book Page,Twitter Account etc,but this is not the case.
in this post i would give you some idea of how exactly Social Media Marketing Works.
Here i will explain to you in steps what you exactly need to do and follow.
Step No:1
The first step is to listen to conversation that are going on like
* who is talking about you
* what they're saying
* is it positive or negative
* where are the conversations taking place
* what communities talk about you
* what are your competitors doing in social media
* what's the buzz about them
Once you are through this,then you definitely can go forward to put your presence.
Step No:2
Share your presence or voice.
Share of Voice is defined as the total percentage that you possess in the conversation about the particular niche or market you’re active in.
Step No:3
Set Goals
Once you are through this phase you will come to know what is all being said in that particular group which you are currently tracking and this is the group which you are targeting as this of your interest.
Step No:4
Find your Targeted Communities.
You can go through the forums or communities to just know what is going on so as put your resources accordingly,eg
A skin care company discovered that there is conversation about dry skin in gardening forums, moms talk about skin care and so do crafters and medical professionals. These folk all have their own niche social networks. There is also a lot of chatter about skin care on Twitter.
Step No:5
Identify Influence's.
Step No:6
Strategise Your Content and Strategy.
This is one of the most crucial step in Social Media Marketing because what you are giving and sharing with people will differentiate you from other people,As Content is the King.
Step No:7
Select Tools like twitter,face book etc to deliver your content to give out your content to your particular or target ted people.
Step No:8
Deliver the Content.
Step No:9
Engage the People in the conversations.
Step No:10
Measure Results
After going through the above steps,Measure the set goals what you want to achieve through this marketing strategy.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

While Entering Corporate World

If you are entering into corporate world which is full of uncertainties always remember some basic fundamentals which will really make your experience in corporate sector enthusiastic and charming.
Although i have not that much much personal experience in the corporate sector,what ever i would be suggesting would be from the general point of view and what ever i have realized in the past couple of months.
while in the early days of your carrier,don't try to lay your own path to your success,even if you did be sure that the way you have chosen will fetch you the results,because if it is giving the results,then you are putting two big entities on stake,one is your own future and other is your company who have hired you to realize their own dreams and missions.
So it is better to be calm in the beginning,follow the path given to you,in the mean time learn the fundamentals to lay a strong foundation to your carrier.
Other thing which i would recommend is that become a listening entity so as to get the impression that you are also listening to other people who are trying to give you something whether that is advice or something else.If you listen to people of different departments,different levels etc they also feel that they are being listened and respected.
Also try to mingle with people in order to know different personalities in your environment,and give them impression that you are also there who should be noticed.Try to add on something that is most needed by a particular while mixing with people,that could have long lasting impression of you.Because these are the people who could give you newer opportunities in your future not only in your existing company but also some where else.
And the most important when ever you would be having meeting with your manager,CEO etc,don't come on to conclusions early.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top Executives Need To Become Social.

What i feel regarding the compaign of Social Media Presence by any Company,it should get erupted within the company itself from Top officials in order to have a strong hold in the virtual front.Your organization’s social media strategy should be not implemented by one lonely intern sitting in the corner of your communications and marketing department.
You may be wondering if that means that your executive director and CEO needs to write a blog or have their own Twitter account to share their wisdom. I think it depends.Yes it completely depends if your one of your clients has an easy way of communicating with you,it really gives an immense confidense into to the whole give and take business from both ends.
There are definitely some benefits to having your executive director or CEO being present on social media channels. They can provide a human face to your organization’s work, a unique viewpoint, and serve as a thought leader in your field. And if your organization finds itself in the middle of groundswell or if there is a major news event or a public relations crisis happens and it is being discussed on Twitter or other social media spaces, your CEO can join it without having to get up to speed.
But it is also important to understand that there are challenges to be overcome as well. These includes investing the time to make it successful because a CEO presence on social media is nothing that should be “ghost” written. It has to be authentic and reflect the CEO’s personality. There is also the issue of comfort – both with the technology and being transparent.There are so many examples from the US CEO'S who on the real time basis manage their online profiles and communicate with their friends and clients time and again.