Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Develop your leadership

People are always confused about the concept of leadership. There are always some questions in the minds of managers regarding the mindset involved in the leadership.
One of the questions is whether leadership skills are innate or learned through various phases of life and the mindset involved in the leadership.

The truth is that if you are not a born leader, by working hard at it, you can get better day by day. If you change your mindset completely that the great leaders are not born as they might have worked hard through different phases of life which is very much evident by looking at the world's top leaders.

Cultural assumptions will also play a very crucial role in developing a leader.eg if you dwell in that culture where you are being told that great leaders are born, which ultimately will develop a response and perception in your mind that one can't be molded into a leader over a period a time, that is exactly why we are seeing decrease in the transformation phase.
Now take the example of that culture where your colleagues believe you can be a leader and help you develop the skills you need, you will enthusiastically embrace the mantle of leadership. It might not be your goal to become a CEO or a top politician. But, regardless of your occupation, you will view yourself as a leader at home, at work etc.

I hope you might have got exactly what i am trying to tell you about the role of culture.

One more thing to discuss here is types of mindsets which does also play a very crucial role in developing yourself as people have always one of mindsets in them.
Fixed Mindset and
Growth Mindset

People with fixed mindset believe that they they can only go as far as their natural abilities will take them. They think talent, rather than hard work, is the fundamental component of success.
People with growth mindset believe that they can get better at what they do, that they have reservoirs of untapped potential. They realize that by working hard they make some incremental changes in their carriers and their lives.

I don't know which mindset you have, but we should always try to keep a growth mindset which will open all the golden doors for your success and will enable you to take a commanding role in your life.

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