Monday, March 7, 2011

Experience At Call Center

Guys you might have heard of Novel One Night At Call Center, while reading this novel interest was aroused in me to go for one night in call center to learn what exactly the call centers are all about. Before reading this novel during my graduation, i was also very fond of call centers and let me tell you very frankly i was getting fascinated by the people who are working in call centers.finally i took some time away and joined an International call center For few months in Chandigarh here finally i got aware of the general workings in call centers.Shift was totally night based and i had to spend my whole night in the call center from 9:30 pm t0 07:00 am in the morning.In those few days everything changed as my day became night and night became day.

Looking at the experience it was good one, spending my night time and interacting with the US Based people was so nice and enriching in every aspect. In the starting days i don't used to sleep in the day then as i was not able to sleep properly,at the same time i was not feeling well and active.One time what happened is that i was sleeping at 06:30 pm and suddenly some one woke me up, and you would be amazed by my reaction i just told what you are in the midnight,wandering here and there, and do you know what was his reaction.........sorry dear actually you are wandering in and around your much talked call center.
But anyways guys call center experience is very nice an you will remember the activities that you over the time go through during the peak timings.All the guys working in my office were professional and have joined the BPO as their full time Profession, people were MBA's MCA's , Btec's etc, in other words you can say the people over there were occupied with blend of capabilities and potentials.They were completely professional and looking very enthusiastic for the work, i interacted with so many people from diverse backgrounds and what i could found was that everyone is blessed with some in born capabilities and qualities,which if utilized properly could lead to the fulfillment of their respective goals and dreams.Leanings were immense from these few days spent in the call center,you need to be active in each and every aspect,it is not only calling to to the client but after calling how you note down that information and how you present that to make it final.As call center jobs are stereotyped by many classes of people stating very rude about the discipline in the call centers, but believe me i haven't seen anything like that, i was very overwhelmed by seeing the actuality..the discipline,rules and regulations were followed properly by all the people working in my call center whether they were my seniors or juniors.Team work concept was all around there leading to greater productivity and motivation.
Even the schedule for break was so strict which you can't imagine, you need to follow all these guidelines otherwise warning follows you via you corporate mail id.Surely i was fascinated by the working atmosphere in my call center but i don't what is in yours.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finally In Amritsar as ASM.

Finally went to much awaited destination on DEC 07 2010 from Chandigarh.Right from my childhood days i was wishing to see the GOLDEN TEMPLE,but you know it was very impossible to come from Kashmir to this place. As i Did my MBA from Chandigarh so that was the moment when i thought it is time to move towards my destination spot.But being very near to Amritsar as was staying at Chandigarh it took about 3 years to go to Amritsar.My joy knew no bounds when i reached Amritsar seeing the place full of crowd and every one the move.As i had came to Amritsar for the purpose of job as was selected as Area Sales Manager (ASM) for a agricultural Company Vidhata Agrotech Pvt.Ltd, so reaching Amritsar fulfilled my dual purpose.
But initial experience in Amritsar was so so bad which really i could not have thought of as i was robbed of my cellphone full of contacts and messages of my near ones.This happened exactly at the entrance of GOLDEN TEMPLE where some one i crowd took my mobile off.I was totally over as this was the only source of contact with rest of my world like my family, friends and near ones.As now a days you just feed the numbers in your cellphone without ever trying to remember a single contact,same thing was with me, no contact on board except my Father and you know who? no need to tell this.
In order to come in touch with my friends in Chandigarh i logged into so many social networking sites and thank GOD was able to pull out some important contacts.
Also called one of my friends as i could remember only her No. regarding this issue.
Any ways it was totally a very bad initial experience in Amritsar , but after staying in Amritsar for few months what i could realize you could not find a better place to live in as compared to Chandigarh and no dought about Kashmir.